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Cheapest Country to buy Citizenship

What is the cheapest country to Buy Citizenship in 2022?

This question is a Million Dollar Question. You would like to settle somewhere centrally to make life more comfortable and secure with good options for the family to enjoy and prosper, so you have to find which country gives free Citizenship.

There are places further off in the Atlantic where you can settle, but you are far off, and traveling becomes cumbersome. If you are settled in Europe, you are centrally based, and you have all the options open for you. 

You have good global business opportunities, a good environment, good housing, good education, and good health facilities.

Many countries are offering the cheapest Citizenship by Investment in Europe, but there are many considerations you need to make before you make any decision.

  1. What is best for my family and me?
  2. What is the investment, and what are the returns?
  3. Why should I make such a big investment while you go down another route?
  4. Will Language be a problem?

And many more, so we have made a small list below where the Cheapest place to get Citizenship.

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List of Cheapest countries to buy Citizenship

The Cheapest countries to buy Citizenship that we at Stephen M S lai & Co. CPA Ltd would recommend for you to consider:

  1. Slovenia
  2. Slovakia
  3. Dominica
  4. Hungary
  5. Ireland

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Requirements & cost Needed


Slovakia is located in central Europe, and Citizenship is available through descent, meaning that you either have some heritage you can prove, or you can invest in a business (open a new Company) or in a Real Estate business (which is often a big amount of money). Slovakia is one of the easiest countries to get Citizenship.

We at Stephen MS Lai & Co. CPA Ltd can deal with your case as per merit, advise you on what can be done, and have alternate resources to assist. You can have an assessment done to see if you qualify for this, which is free of cost.

Slovakia Citizenship by Investment

You have to provide us the original or Apostilled documents and attorney’s power to act on your behalf. You will also sign a contract with us and make payments in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary delays to your case. 

If we fail to get Citizenship for you, we will refund the whole amount back to you. But you can not withdraw after we have started the process, no refunds will be made, and we shall request you to immediately make the full payment.

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This is the same process as Slovakia but remembers European countries and centrally located in Europe where you will have global access. You have peace of mind and also for your family, your children will have quality education and good health care facilities.

Once you have had your initial assessment done (which is free of cost to you), you will sign a contract with us and provide all the documentation as required, also sign a Power of Attorney to allow us to act on your behalf. Our fully qualified and professional Lawyers will deal with your case following the Law as required.

Slovenia Citizenship by Descent

The fees are usually quoted on the workload of the case and the technicality of your case. If we fail to get Citizenship for you, we will refund the whole amount back to you. 

But you cannot withdraw after we have started the process, no refunds will be made, and we shall request you to immediately make the full payment.

You can contact us Via our Website, or email 


There is an investment for a minimum of $ 100,000.00 plus any other government fees and the company you hire to work for you. You will have to travel in person to the Island for the interview.

Cheapest Place to Buy Citizenship Dominica

This is the easiest and cheapest country to buy Citizenship. You can also do business from Dominica. This program is for High Network people who need to buy Citizenship immediately.

Stephen M S Lai & CO. CPA Ltd can also assist you with this; we can only quote you after discussing your case. So, feel free to contact us as this is a No Obligation quote. 


This is the country that offers the Most convenient Residency Investment Programme. To be able to apply for Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency Programme (HER), people who wish to settle in Hungary have to invest a minimum of US$ 12,000.00 in a business in the country where at least two Local Hungarians are employed.

Then Investor is issued a 3-year temporary visa, which can then be converted to permanent residency. After eight years of residency, a Hungarian passport is issued.

Easiest Country to get Citizenship Hungary

You are free to travel. Work, live in any of the 171 countries without any problems. Always be advised that you will have the basic knowledge and speak and write the local Hungarian language as there will also be an interview when Citizenship is granted to you.


The land of opportunity for cheapest Citizenship to buy for business people, entrepreneurs, and people seeking top-level education for their children in top universities with fantastic health care facilities.

This is a visa to inspire Investment in Ireland and is the best program for high net worth families seeking to settle in Europe. This is the cheapest Citizenship by Investment in Europe for fast and easy settlement.

Cheapest Country to Buy Citizenship Ireland

A residency program for dynamic business professionals leaving outside the European Union. Investors must be of a clean criminal record and a minimum net worth of € 2 million.

You will have all the privileges that an Irish citizen is entitled to social security, health, and education, which shall be discounted for your children and study as a citizen of Ireland.

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Which is the easiest country to get citizenship?

There is no easy way, no magic for any person to get citizenship in any country. You either have to invest or go down the route of heritage. You have to engage a professional company to ensure that you get the result to wish to have.

Which country gives citizenship by buying a property?

If you are a high net-worth person, then Ireland is the best place to invest in a property portfolio. Still, other countries also have the investing in property to qualify for citizenship after having a period of residency in the country. And also, make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country, paying the taxes, etc.

What’s the best Citizenship-By-Investment Program?

The best programs for Investment are either property investment or a Business.
Remember you must read and study every country currently availing the Investment programs as each country has its specific set procedures to this.

What’s the cheapest Citizenship-By-Investment Program?

There is no cheapest Citizenship Investment program as per se, but each country has its requirements for investment. Then, a temporary residency visa is issued then after a few years, you become a permanent resident, and finally, you are given citizenship naturalization. The cheapest European country to buy citizenship in Slovakia and Slovenia.

Is Citizenship-By-Investment the only way to get a Second Passport & Citizenship?

NO, citizenship by investment is not the only way to a Second Passport or citizenship. You can invest and also go down the heritage route to get a Second Passport or citizenship. But be careful as not all citizenship programs are the same, so read them understand them before you embark on them.

Whatever you decide if you contact our offices either in Hong Kong or London and have a free consultation
Please be careful as the Internet is full of impostors who promise you the undeliverable/impossible.
They will advise you on the Cheapest country to buy citizenship in Europe without any guarantees.

What’s the best Citizenship-By-Investment option in the EU?

The best option is to get your citizenship by heritage in the EU. Slovenia and Slovakia are the best options at the moment. You can also start a business with minimum investment, and this would be the cheapest citizenship by investment 2022 program.

What is Citizenship-By-Investment?

This is a program where a person invests a high amount of money in a project in a particular country where such a program is ongoing. This process legally grants the person a citizenship/second passport and some cases with their families. This is a financial injection to the economy.

Which countries offer Citizenship-By-Investment?

There are many countries that offer such programs and below are a few:

United KingdomAntigua and Barbuda
CyprusSt Kitts and Nevis
AustriaSt Lucia and Malta

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