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How to Get Romanian Citizenship in 2022?

Romanian citizenship opens up a world of benefits associated with the European Union. Furthermore, you will benefit from a top-quality education, social benefits, healthcare, and much more when you move across EU countries without multiple visas and formalities.

The article below provides information about how to obtain Romanian citizenship.

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There are several ways to become a Romanian citizen:

By Birth: Romanian citizenship is conferred on children born on Romanian territory by default when their parents are Romanian citizens. Even if only one parent is a Romanian citizen, the children/grandchildren will receive Romanian citizenship. If one or both parents are Romanian citizens, the child or children born abroad acquire Romanian citizenship.

Adoption: If the foster parents are Romanian citizens, Romanian citizenship can be acquired by adoption. If a single Romanian citizen adopts an underage child, the child acquires the parent’s citizenship.

Repatriation: An individual who has lost Romanian citizenship can obtain it again if they wish.

Request: An individual can also request Romanian citizenship if he or she so desires. Requested by those who

  • Have lived in Romania for at least 8 years or married to a Romanian citizen for at least 5 years
  • Their behavior and attitude should demonstrate their attachment to the people and the state of Romania.
  • They must be 18 or older.
  • Please provide proof of their existence.
  • Have no criminal convictions and generally behave well.
  • Know the Romanian language.

How to Get Romanian Citizenship by Descent?

You may be searching for information on “how to get Romanian citizenship by descent if none of the above criteria applies to your situation.”

You are eligible for applying for Romanian citizenship if you have

  • At any time in their lives, a parent who was a Romanian citizen
  • Grandparents (one out of four grandparents) who were Romanian citizens at some point in their lives
  • Great-grandparents who were once Romanian citizens but lost their citizenship

Suppose a parent or grandparent was born in certain parts of Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, or Bulgaria under Romanian rule during the early 20th century. In that case, you might also qualify for Romanian citizenship.

Romanian citizenship is available to both biological and adopted children of Romanian citizens.

Romanian Oath Of Citizenship: What Is It?

The Romanian citizenship oath must be taken within three months after the date on which the citizenship was granted. The Romanian citizenship oath is taken at the National Citizenship Authority (NCA) headquarters in Romania and is committed to the country. You will receive your citizenship certificate at the oath-taking ceremony.

Article 20 of the Romanian citizenship law states that the oath of allegiance must be taken before the NCA President and the Justice Minister or Vice President of NCA who is appointed for the same purpose.

The following is the content of the oath of faith:

“I swear devotion to the Romanian countryside and Romanian people, I swear to defend the rights and national interest, to respect the Constitution and the laws of Romania”.

Upon taking the oath, the applicant is given a Romanian citizenship certificate. Minor children who acquire Romanian citizenship with you will not need to take the oath as they will be listed on your citizenship certificate.

You can take the Romanian citizenship oath at the Romanian consular mission or embassy in your country if you are applying for Romanian citizenship based on ancestry. In this case, the certificate is issued by the diplomatic mission head or the consular office.

An applicant who fails to take the oath of faith will lose their Romanian citizenship, as stated in Article 21 of the citizenship law. The only exception is for people with a chronic disease or permanent disability who are unable to take the Romanian oath of citizenship.

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for Romanian Citizenship?

To apply for Romanian citizenship, you will need different documents depending on your chosen path. Here are the most important documents you will need for all pathways:

  • Your passport and a notarized copy.
  • Originals and certified copies of the civil status documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, name changes, etc., were translated into Romanian. Notarization is required.
  • Originals and certified copies of criminal history records in Romania or your country of origin.
  • Please provide written proof of your Romanian descent, such as a birth certificate from your parent, grandparent or great grandparent.

How to Get Romanian Citizenship by Investment?

Romania offers citizenship and residency for foreign investors who invest in Romanian businesses and create jobs. Under the current citizenship legislation, the naturalization time is reduced by half if foreigners invest at least EUR 1 million.

Romania is a member of the European Union but is currently preparing to become part of the Schengen Area. Upon fulfilling the necessary conditions, Romania will adopt the euro.

Temporary Residence

Foreigners must invest in Romania to receive temporary residency:

  • An investment of at least 100,000 euros and the creation of at least 10 new jobs by a limited liability company;
  • At least 15 new jobs and EUR 150,000 in the case of joint-stock companies

Obtaining permanent residency

For foreign investors who invest 1,000,000 EUR or create 100 new jobs, the conditions of continuous residency for 5 years and personal financial means equal to the minimum wage are waived. They must also meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants have public health insurance;
  • There is a residence of the applicant in Romania;
  • Knowing the Romanian language to a satisfactory level;
  • No threat to public order or national security

Certificates from the Trade Registry, tax authority certificates, and financial evaluation reports prepared by certified accountants can serve as proof of investment.

If he or she is granted permanent residence, he or she must maintain continuous physical residence in Romania. Otherwise, the right to permanent residence will lapse. The foreigner must not have been granted permanent residence in another country and cannot be absent from Romania for more than 12 consecutive months.

Citizenship of Romania

Citizenship cannot be granted based on a residence permit obtained by an investor. Investors must go through the general naturalization process to become Romanian citizens. Those foreigners who have lived in Romania for at least eight years (or five years, if they were married and cohabiting with a Romanian citizen) can apply for Romanian citizenship.

For foreigners married to Romanian citizens, this timeframe can be reduced by half if the foreigner invests at least EUR 1,000,000 in Romania – four years or two and a half years. An applicant who spends more than six months abroad in a year is disregarded for citizenship purposes for that entire year.

In addition to the condition of residence, foreigners seeking Romanian citizenship must meet certain additional requirements:

  • Through their actions, conduct, and attitude, they demonstrated their loyalty to the Romanian state;
  • Have never engaged in or supported actions that targeted law enforcement or national security, and have not engaged in such conduct in the past either; Are over 18 years old;
  • Has adequate financial resources;
  • Does not have any criminal record, domestic or abroad, that renders him/her unworthy of being a Romanian citizen;
  • Understands the Romanian language and culture, capable of integrating into the social life; Knows some details about the Romanian culture and civilization;
  • Has a thorough understanding of the Romanian Constitution and national anthem

Benefits of taxation

Investors from abroad as well as Romanians can take advantage of tax incentives, such as:

  • A tax credit of up to 80% of the corporate tax due on investments exceeding approx. EUR 330,000, subject to EU state aid legislation.;
  • Production, logistics, service centers, R&D, tourism, film production, sports, etc.) are eligible for incentives.
  • Additional 50% corporate tax deduction for eligible R&D expenditures;
  • For taxpayers carrying out exclusively innovation, research, and development activities, the first 10 years of activity are exempt from corporate tax.

The Romanian passport

Romanian passports are the 18th most powerful EU passports in the world. The Romanian citizen had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 169 countries and territories as of 2019, including Canada and the United Kingdom. However, a visa was required for the United States.

Benefits of Romanian Citizenship

Romanian citizenship benefits:

  • You can visit more than 150 countries without a visa
  • Having the ability to store savings in any European bank
  • The ability to legally reside and work in the EU countries
  • The right to receive all social benefits, including insurance, social benefits, and credit
  • Having access to education and protecting a scientific degree in any EU member country for you and your children
  • You can register your children for free Romanian citizenship


We strive to assist everyone in obtaining Romanian citizenship. We examine your situation carefully before recommending the path to Romanian citizenship that is most appropriate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get Romanian citizenship?

You can obtain Romanian citizenship after residing in the country for four years and demonstrating knowledge of the Romanian language and culture.

How to get Romanian citizenship by marriage?

Getting Romanian citizenship:

  • Currently resides in Romania; born in Romania;
  • At least eight years of residence in Romania; or.
  • A Romanian citizen who has lived in Romania and married a Romanian citizen for at least five years.

How to apply for Romanian dual citizenship?

You can apply for citizenship by naturalization if you meet at least one of these requirements:

  • You were born in Romania and currently reside there;
  • You have lived in Romania for at least eight years;
  • you have been married to a Romanian citizen for at least five years.