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How to apply for an Irish passport? (Advanced Guide 2022)

First and foremost, you must be an Irish citizen to apply for an Irish Passport. If you were born before 2005 in Ireland, you are an automatic citizen, or if you were born before 2005 to a parent outside Ireland, you still are an automatic citizen, but this has to be before your turn 18-Years-old.

If you are already in possession of an Irish passport and want to renew, you can renew it online or fill the form and make sure you send in the appropriate fees with it. To be able to fill in the form, please refer to Ireland’s passport guidelines.

If you do not fit into any of the above options, you have to prove your claim to Irish citizenship before applying for an Irish passport. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all passport services are slow, and all phone lines are closed.

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Ireland Passport Requirements

To enter Ireland, you must have a valid passport and be valid for the stay duration. US and UK citizens do not need a visa to enter Ireland. All EU citizens do not require a visa to enter, stay, and work in Ireland.

But before you travel, check what ID is required as some carriers will not allow passengers to board unless they have a satisfactory photographic ID.

If you intend to renew your passport, you must make sure that when you send your application form APS2, you must enclose all the original supporting documents and do not enclose any photocopies as they will not be accepted.

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Also, any laminated documents shall not be accepted. Any document that is not in English or Irish must be translated and certified.


Eligibility for Irish Passport 

You must be a citizen of Ireland to be able to get an Irish passport. This is the most important aspect of Ireland’s passport eligibility. You can also get an Irish Passport if you have proven heritage connections.

The other options are to invest € 2 Million in the government scheme, and you can buy an Ireland passport online.

Irish passport required documents 

All documents must be in original copies and will not be accepted.

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. If you are applying online, you must submit a digital photograph in JPEG format in color and 715 pixels wide, and 915 pixels in height. Also, note that when applying for an Irish passport photo requirement with a paper application – the Irish Photo size required should be 35mm X 45mm, and your face and shoulder should cover 70 to 80% of the frame. And must have a Plain light background. 

Ensure that if you apply with a paper application, you should post it to the correct address as instructed on the form to avoid any delays.

Irish passport application form

This form is an online form and ensures you are downloading the latest version of the form. If you do not follow the set instruction, the form will be returned for you to start over again. Each has a guidance book for you to follow the correct steps to fill in the form.

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Please ensure you fill in the correct form APS2 as there are several forms on the immigration website. Ensure you follow the Ireland passport requirements, or the application can be rejected, and no refund of fees will be available.

For best results, you should engage a professional company to deal with your legal matters and get an Ireland passport for foreigners.

Please feel free to contact us for your initial assessment, which is free of cost to you. Our experts will be more than happy to speak to you.

Ireland passport visa-free countries

Irish citizens can travel freely to 185 countries visa-free, or a visa is issued on arrival. Below are some of the countries that Irish Citizens can travel freely, live, and work in the EU countries without hindrance.

Czech RepublicGreeceLiechtensteinNorwaySloveniaUnited Kingdom

Terms and Costs 

There are government fees plus the fees for the company if you engage in dealing with your case.

Each application has a cost of € 175, where there are no exceptions, and neither a waiver can be requested. This is a non-refundable fee. After your application is approved, there is a cost for the Naturalization certificate.

Adult€ 950
Minor€ 200
Widow/Widower Surviving Partner of Irish Citizen€ 200
Refugee or Stateless person€ 0

All fees must be paid by Debit or Credit cards. Cash or Bank Drafts are no longer accepted.

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The renewal fees are:

Adult Standard 10 Year Passport€ 75
Large 66 Page, 10 Year Passport€ 105
Passport Card€ 35
Standard 5 Year passport€ 20
Large 66 Page Passport€ 50

There are other additional Bundles also available; please check before you apply. Also, note that there are also additional fees for returning the documents you send with the passport.

How to get an Irish passport by descent?

Yes, this is a form of birthright citizenship. This means if you had ancestors (e.g., parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents), you could be eligible to become a citizen. 

To qualify for this, you must provide evidence and have all the documents to prove this. Therefore, before you fill in the form you must have all the Ancestral documentation ready as below:

  1. Original Birth Certificate of parent or grandparent.
  2. Original Marriage certificate of parent or grandparent.
  3. Original Death Certificates, if applicable.
  4. Copy of parent or grandparent’s passport/ID (must be notarized)
  5. Copy of your passport/ID (must be notarized)
  6. Your original Birth certificate.
  7. Your original marriage certificate (if applicable).
  8. 3 Original documents showing current Residence proof of address (utility bill, Bank Statement, Government letter addressed to you, etc.) 
  9. 2 Passport photographs (must be endorsed by the witness)

To apply for Irish citizenship, you then have to fill in an Online citizenship Form, which will be submitted electronically; you will also be able to get a PDF version, which you have to print and sign and get it witnessed by a person with significance in Society, e.g., Priest/Clergy, Police Officer, Lawyer, Medical Doctor, School Principle, Judge, Bank Manager.

They should be able to give their contact details for follow-up. Ensure you send all the documentation to the Irish passport office by courier so that you can track the envelope.

If your application has been approved, you will receive a Foreign Birth Registration (FBR) certificate. After receiving this, you can apply for your Irish passport.

All this can take between 5 to 8 months, but it can take longer due to the pandemic, so you need to be patient.

This is a long process, and you must be confident in filling in the forms and getting your documents notarized.

How to get an Irish passport by marriage?

To claim this sort of citizenship, you must be married to an Irish citizen for over 3 Years and must have a reckonable residence in Ireland, and must have a continuous three years of residency before the date of your application. This process is called Naturalization. 

Benefits of an Irish passport

There are various benefits to this, and the most important one is a Worldwide Recognized passport. It allows you to travel anywhere you want to. Above all, Ireland is a member of the European Union. 

The passport holder has the right to work, live anywhere in the EU, and above all, an Irish citizen has free Education, Health care, Social Benefits, and Housing benefits. You have the right to vote and be elected in the Irish Election or the European Union.

Post-Brexit Irish citizens will be allowed free movement and allowed to live and work in the UK.

Q: How then can you get an Irish passport?

A: You can only get an Irish passport if you were born in Ireland, or your parents were born in Ireland before 2003. Ireland passport eligibility depends on your birthplace and whether your parents were Irish at your birth and their residency status matters.

If you are not in Ireland, you need to register yourself in the Foreign Birth Registration to provide the relevant documentation.

Q: Can I Buy An Irish Passport?

A: Yes, you can. This is for the super-wealthy to buy Irish passports online. The people who do go down this route need to reside in Ireland for the first 60 days during the first two years of their citizenship. This investment is approximately € 2 Million.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Get A Passport In Ireland?

A: This depends on how you would like to do this. If you are financially stable, then you can go down the route of Buy the Irish passport.

Q: Can You Still Travel To Ireland Without A Passport?

A: If you are a citizen of the EU or UK, you can still travel to Ireland without a passport, but you need to care for some identification in case of emergencies.

Q: How Fast Can I Get A Passport In Ireland?

A: It all depends on how you apply and what route you take. If you are a citizen, then you can get a passport in one day. If you are naturalizing, then it can take 3 Years of continuous leaving with your spouse in Ireland, with the last one year continuous before the application.

Q: Can I Get My Irish Passport In One Day?

A: No, you cannot get a passport in one day. There are 30 appointments available for people who need to travel, and these appointments are released at 12.30 Pm every working day, and the passport will be ready the same day by 5.00 Pm for collection.

These are prioritized for people who are flying out the next day. An online application takes a minimum of 10 Days. A post application will take 15 days. First-time applications through Post Express will take up to 33 days.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get An Irish Passport?

A: If you are an Irish citizen, then there is no problem. The wait time is minimal. If you are an Investor and intend to settle in Ireland, it would depend on the route you would take to put in your application. If you are a high net-worth investor, you would be able to get your citizenship processed quicker.

You must have resided in Ireland for 12 months before your Naturalization and after that should have lived in Ireland for four years, so in total 5 Years. If it is a heritage process, it would depend on the evidence you can provide. Usually, take 6-8 months.

Q: What Documents Do I Need To Renew My Irish Passport?

A: For your Ireland passport renewal, you will need your application form filled inaccurately. Your original 1st passport, four identical photographs 35mm X 45mm.

Q: What Does An Irish Passport Entitle Me To?

A: You have entitled to all the benefits that Ireland offers its citizens.

1: Social Care + Housing
2: Health care + Medication at a subsidized cost.
3: Child Care + Child Benefit
4: Social security
5: Free Education for all children up to College and subsidized University fees.

Q: What Is My Passport Number Ireland?

A: All passports have their unique numbers and are identified accordingly. It is located on the top right-hand corner of the page where the photograph is. It contains letters and numbers.

Q: How Do I Get An Irish Emergency Passport?

A: You will be entitled to an emergency travel document that is recognized worldwide. If you are abroad, then you can contact the Embassy or Consulate to obtain one.

Q: How Do I Know If My Passport Is Ready?

A: You can track your application, but currently, due to the pandemic, the passport’s issuance has been paused. Usually, it takes 10 Days for a passport to be ready if all the documents and the Application form sent are done correctly.

There will be an update in 6 weeks on the Pandemic situation. So currently, there is no option to get a passport.

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