Global Citizenship Guides 2022

Procedure and Timelines

Outcome stage

Outcome stage Collect visa letter, and start a new life to UK.

Interview stage

Interview stage A list of Q(s) and A(s) will be given to the applicant, a pilot interview (native UK speaker) will be carried out if necessary. In practice, the BNO passport holder is not needed to take an interview; only HKSAR and Chinese passport holders do. We do recommend clients to submit a BNO passport …

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Holding company document preparation stage

Holding company document preparation stage At this stage, the holding company will supply their past two years of concrete financial records, tax records, for the company itself and remuneration records. The employment agreement will be signed that the applicant will represent for holding company as sole representative and expanse the business in the UK.

Matching Stage 3-4 Month Process

Matching Stage 3-4 Month Process At this stage, we will find a holding company according to the client profile, CV, education, and experience; we will reach an agreement that the holding company will expand business in the UK, employ applicant as the sole representative, provide all evidence and documents for further applications. Our selection of …

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Engagement Stage-5 Working Days

Engagement Stage-5 Working Days Upon a positive result, we will prepare for and issue an engagement letter and agreement in which we will represent for the applicant and apply for the sole representative visa.