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Professional Services In UK

Professional Services in UK

Supporting services we offer are:

  • Registration for corporate tax as part of how to register a company in the UK.
  • Appointment as your tax representative to deal with particular issues from HMRC
  • Register for PAYE as an employer when you register a company name the UK
  • Employment of overseas persons or local persons when you register a limited company in the UK
  • Registration of Special types of business and special licenses in the UK required for starting a company UK
  • Registration of a National Insurance Number to open a limited company in the UK
  • Registration of UK VAT
  • Quarterly filing of VAT to the HMRC and reclaim of the additional VAT paid to register with companies house the UK
  • Registration according to Data Protection Acts
  • Registration according to Money Laundering Acts for British company register
  • Renewals to Companies House and Tax filings Services to HMRC
  • Corporate tax and accounts filing to HMRC
  • Corporate tax and preparation of management accounts filing to HMRC as part of how to open a company in the UK
  • Look for physical office in the UK
  • UK legal documents necessary as part of how to set up a limited company the UK
  • Full set of formation documents essential when companies house register a new company
  • Consulates certification of official documents
  • Trademark registrations
  • Corporate Secretarial Services as part of how to open ltd company the UK which includes:
  • Change of company name of your ltd formation the UK
  • Change of directors/shareholders in your formation of Great Britain
  • Change of address from when you register a company name UK
  • Issue of new shares while starting a limited company UK or for a previously registered ltd the UK
  • Nominees arrangements including nominees’ directors and nominees shareholders
  • Open corporate and personal bank account in the UK