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Buy a Second passport

How to Buy a second passport online for another country?

We at Stephen MS Lai & CO.CPA Ltd advise clients according to their financial status. If a client is financially stable, they can go down the route of buying a second passport/citizenship while investing a good six-figure amount, which would benefit the country’s economy. This would be Citizenship by means of investment.

This is the correct time to buy a second passport. This is because every country changes procedures regularly. You can only get a second passport online from a country after you become a citizen of that country. There is no short cut to this.

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You can buy a second passport for four different means:

  • Ancestry / descent
  • Naturalization
  • Investment
  • Flexibility (by marriage, giving birth to a child)

How to get a Second Passport

You should be careful and consider six factors before you select where you want to settle.

  • Make sure the reputation of the country
  • Geographic area, whether it suits your choice.
  • How easy is it to mix with the population?
  • How the tax system is
  • What Language is spoken?
  • Travel options to other countries (whether the visa-free option is available)
  • Does the country allow dual Citizenship?
  • Your obligations and requirements of being a citizen

Ensure and engage with the right company that will acquire a legitimate second passport for you, which will open the doors of success for you and your family.

Ensure when you apply for a second Passport, all the obligations are explained to you before naturalization. Please see above the main points you should be looking out for. We can also apply for a second passport USA online for you.

Application form & procedure

Every country has its application forms and procedures that need to be followed.

  • Ensure that the form is filled in correctly without any mistakes, as this can delay the process.
  • Provide the correct size of photographs – having the correct posture and background
  • Some countries do require you to provide a Criminal Record certification from the country you currently live in.
  • A professional curriculum vitae on the main applicant
  • Proof of Address – This usually the Utility Bill, Council Tax, or your bank statements.
  • Birth Certificate – this should be the original copy.
  • Showing your funding – proving that you will not be relying on the state, and you also might have to prove funds are legitimate.
  • If traveling with family, you should have all the documents for them, including your Marriage certificate.
  • You should also prepare a statement in support of the application for a second passport.

Additional Information

The first main point is that you will need to know the Basic Language of the country you wish to settle in. Before you look at the cheapest country to buy a second passport, ensure you have read all the documentation very clearly as once the process is done, you cannot reverse this.

Ensure you get all the information required and engage with a knowledgeable company in this process to avoid any pitfalls and lose money. This is a second passport for sale, meaning that you shall be having a second passport by investment.

Stephen M S Lai & CO.CPA Ltd is your contact point who will deal with your case in full confidence and advise you accordingly. We have offices in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and have a worldwide network of experts who collaborate with us. Remember that getting a second passport is getting harder and harder, so you need to act now!!

Documents required for Second Passport

The documents required for application for a second passport are:

  • Original passport/s
  • Birth Certificate/s
  • Proof of address (for the head of the family)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Criminal Record certification. For everyone above 18 Years of age
  • Bank statements proving your funds are legitimate.

If you are applying for a family 2nd passport, you also must have the following documentation in Original:

  • Passports for all family members
  • Marriage certificate for all family members
  • Birth Certificates for all family members
Second Passport for Family

Investment required/ Terms & Cost

Each country has its campaign system; hence each country varies on this but giving some examples:

A brief Synopsis by Heritage and by investment:

  • Slovenia – Single applicant £ 30,000.00 and family of 4 £ 35,000.00. This is through heritage.

You can also start your own company with a share capital of € 7,500.00 in paid-up capital and follow the required procedure and become naturalized in 10 Yrs.

  • Saint Lucia: Single Applicant is $ 109,500.00, and a family is $207,500.00 donation to the National Economic Fund. Dual Citizenship allowed. Takes 3 to % months for approval.

Or $ 3.5 Million investment in an enterprise that will create at least three permanent Jobs

  • Antigua & Barbuda – $137,500 for individuals and for a family of four $150,000.00 and thereafter additional $ 15,000.00 for each individual.
  • Moldova – Minimum € 100,000.00 for single applicant and € 195,000 donation to the Public Investment Fund
  • St Kitts & Nevis – Single application, you would invest app $160,000.00, and for a Family with children under 16, it would be $ 161.500.00.
  • Grenada – Minimum $150,000.00
  • Turkey – Minimum $ 250,000.00
  • Malta – Minimum $ 900,000.00

Remember, there will be additional costs for the company you select to represent your case.

Contact the Professionals and get advice from Stephen MS Lai & Co. CPA Ltd on the best country for a second passport and the easiest country to get a second passport. And remember that our first initial assessment on your case is free of cost to you.

second passport by investment

List of second passport countries

This list is not exhaustive. There are many more countries for the second passport by investment or heritage; I have just named a few:

  • Slovenia
  • Saint Lucia
  • Moldova
  • St Kitts & Nevis
  • Grenada
  • Turkey
  • Malta
  • Cyprus

Be aware of illegal scams and only engage with a company that has the expertise, knowledge, and customer service that can provide seamless service to you to the final stage.

Benefits of the Second Passport

Holding a second passport will be ideal if you are currently living in a war-torn or unstable country. You can avoid maltreatment to you and your family. It can be an alternate to a peaceful sanctuary, and it will give you stability from an unstable environment.

This will also benefit your family, i.e., better social security, better education, better health system, and a better lifestyle and above opening all doors to fantastic global business.

benefits of second passport

Having dual Citizenship through Investment will allow the holder to travel visa-free to countries that each respective government has approved. Each country has a list of approved countries their citizens can travel to without the cumbersome process of obtaining a visa. For example, if you become a Slovenian citizen, you will have excess to 180 countries where you can work and leave without being deported.

Stephen M S Lai & CO.CPA Ltd are the only company with many years of expertise, and the only company that guarantees you the full refund should they fail to assist you. Visit our page

Customer Feedback

What Is A Second Passport?

An individual would like to have a second passport for economic freedom and personal liberty. This means that if your current country you live in has civil unrest or suddenly decides to increase the Taxes, your second passport is your insurance. You can immediately travel and settle there without any hindrance and carry on with your business.

Why Would You Need A Second Passport?

You need to think of yourself, your family’s safety and freedom of movement – visa-free travel, no hindrance doing business, Tax benefits – some countries have superb Tax rates. Above all, you have a place to go if circumstances change in the country you’re living in. You will have stability in your business globally and benefit your family insecurity, health, and education.

How Can I Get A Second Passport And Foreign Citizenship?

Your application for a second passport can be based on and your Bank Account:

Ancestry – buy proving that you had ancestors residing their lives in that country.
Naturalization – This is a process where you have to live in the country of choice for a period of time, for the period the country deems acceptable. Each country has its procedure.
Investment – choosing one of the countries that have this program is running. This would mean that you will have to invest a substantial amount of money in the economy.
Flexibility – getting married to a citizen of that country and living with your spouse for ten years continuously.

Can Anyone Get A Second Passport And Citizenship?

Yes, there are different ways you can approach this. Your best option is to contact Stephen M S Lai & Co. CPA Ltd for professional advice and quick solutions to resolve your citizenship matters. This will give you more potential to grow as you can travel freely to many countries and reap the benefits. The best country for the cheapest second passport is currently Slovenia. You become a citizen of the EU. Endless opportunities and have infinite incomes.

What’s The Easiest Way To Get A Second Passport And Citizenship?

There is no shortcut to this or a magic wand. We have to follow the rules and regulations of the country you wish to become a citizen of. It can be by Investment or Heritage. Different countries have different processing times. We at Stephen M S Lai & CO.CPA Ltd are professionals who will assist you in the final process, and we have a 100% success rate.

How Do I Get A Second Passport UK?

You can only get a British Passport if you are a British National.
The other options are:

Get a British passport can only be available to people who can invest a minimum of £2,000,000.00. This is usually in real estate. This will take app 5 to 6 Years.


Marriage/naturalization to become a citizen of the United Kingdom. This process will take ten years, and you must be crime-free and have paid up all your tax liabilities, and do not have any court orders against you.

How Can I Apply For A Duplicate Passport Online?

You can only get a duplicate passport If you have damaged or lost your passport, you must have reported this to the Police as you will need a reference number when you apply for a second passport online or by post. If it is damaged, then you have to inform the Home office and give them the passport number, so another one is issued.

Remember that you must enclose / or pay online the correct fees to avoid inconveniences with the application.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Second Passport UK?

This is a million-dollar question. This will depend on the route you decide to take to settle in the UK, whether you have the financial capability/capacity, or a partner who has Citizenship in the UK.

You can become an investor and get a passport in 5 to 6 years (please keep in mind the current pandemic situation can delay the process).

The Marriage route will take ten years before you can get naturalized. But remember this route has very stringent rules that need to be followed, i.e., must have lived with the spouse from the date of marriage, paying full taxes (no defaults), and no convictions against the application during the stay in the UK.

Can I Renew My Second Passport Online?

Yes, you can renew your second passport UK online; when doing this, have your Debit card or Credit Card at hand to make the payment when you are applying online. Remember, you need to have your old passport to provide the correct details.

Your second passport online application will depend on the country you are applying to. For example, it takes 3 to 4 weeks in the United Kingdom before you get your passport delivered. And it is always advised to use well in advance to avoid any traveling disruptions.

I Have More Questions, And Can I Contact You?

Yes, of course, it will be a pleasure, and we shall endeavor to answer all your questions and or connect you to one of our professional consultants who will assist you.

Please feel free to contact us online via our web page

Customers have always asked us whether we pass on our customer details to third parties. Please rest assured that we deal with all our customers in confidence and do not share any information with third parties.

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