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Slovakia Passport by investment

How to get Slovakia Red & Global Passport? ( Advanced Guide 2022 )

Slovakia is a Landlocked country and is in Central Europe. Slovakia is a developed country and has high scope for new entrepreneurs, with a very reasonably low cost of living, a very peaceful country, and all the freedom a person or family requires.

As we all know, we have to either have been born or be living in the country (Slovakia) to get the Slovakia Passport/citizenship. This Burgundy passport is a Standard design of the European Union with the emblem of Biometric emblem at the bottom front page.

slovakia citizenship

If you are a foreigner, you must have lived in Slovakia for at least eight years continuously (uninterrupted Residency) before you make a Slovakia Passport application. This process will be known as naturalization.

Slovakia has no Citizenship program as per se, but you can settle by investing and get a temporary residence permit initially for one year. You can buy a ready registered company, or you can register a company then apply for a residence permit.

You must be able to show a minimum net profit of € 12,500.00 per annum (after taxation, so your gross profit should be € 15,500.00) in order to renew your visa, which will be quite straightforward.

In case you are a large investor, then the District authorities will discuss the matter with you in the government advisor’s presence. This process is faster, and the Naturalization is authorized for you in the shortest possible time.

Stephen M S Lai & CO.CPA Ltd can Guarantee you with Residency permit and renewals and thereafter to citizenship. This is your ultimate solution, your opportunity to worldwide business, and remember that you will have visa-free travel to 181 countries once you are settled in Slovakia. As Slovakia is part of the European Union, you will have excess benefits to success.

Procedure for applying Slovakia Red Passport

A qualified Immigration Lawyer must do the Slovakia Passport requirements and application process as any mistakes in the application can delay the process or be rejected. Stephen M S Lai & CO. CPA Ltd has a team of qualified lawyers who will support you in the final stage.

slovakia passport visa free countries

You will need to provide the following once you have signed the contract with us and the power of Attorney to act on your behalf so we can proceed with your application for Slovakia Passport by the Investment category.

Documents required

  1. Passport copies
  2. Banks Statements where you have enough funds
  3. Your professional Business plan and how will it help the Economy.
  4. If you want to Retire In Slovakia – provide evidence of enough funds to support you.
  5. Your letter from the relevant authorities/Police of the country you live in confirming that you have No criminal offense charges against you.

The first residence permit, which is for 1 Year, takes a minimum of 90 days from the date the application has been received by the Alien Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy with a completed Application form, Business plan, financial ability, and evidence with a Non-Criminal Record. 

Your permanent Residency and naturalization application for Slovakia Global Passport can only be applied for after eight years. You can show you how to buy a Slovak passport if you can make a substantial investment.

Slovakia’s major industry is the Car industry, the major investment area, and the driving force for the Economy.

The other most popular investment opportunities in Slovakia are:

  1. Technology Centres
  2. ICT & Software Development
  3. Design and Innovation
  4. High Tech sectors and Tourism centers.

There are some Traditional Sectors also open to investment:

  1. Machinery and Precision Engineering
  2. Metallurgy and metal processing
  3. Electronic Sector
  4. Chemistry & Pharmacy– Medicine

Please ensure your Curriculum Vitae has the experience of the sector you wish to invest in so that the process of questioning is lower. Stephen M S Lai & Co. CPA Ltd have a reasonable fee structure. Every client will be dealt with according to their merits. We are the only company that Guarantees that it will make sure that your application is a success. 

The detailed procedure for applying Slovakia Global Passport 

The Applicant must have an uninterrupted residence in Slovakia for eight (8) years before applying for permanent Residency and must have met the requirement stipulated by the Act on Citizenship of the Slovak Republic.

apply for slovak passport

The main procedure to become a citizen of Slovakia you have to:

  1. Must have 8 Years of uninterrupted residence in Slovakia.
  2. The applicant/s will have to have a probability check done according to the Act on Citizenship.
  3. Have good knowledge (Spoken and Written) in the Slovak Republic.
  4. Must provide all the documents as required by the Act on Citizenship.
  5. The Applicant is following the Tax laws, health, Social and other laws as a good citizen during the stay before application and has not defaulted during the eight years of stay in Slovakia.
  6. The Interior Ministry might ask for evidence of this from you.

Further Conditions

  1. The Applicant must not have been sentenced or expelled from the Slovak Republic.
  2. The Applicant must not have a court case running at the time of application.
  3. Any European country should have issued no arrest warrants or any other International crime or should have any extraditions request against the Applicant.
  4. The Applicant should not be withdrawing his Asylum Status.
  5. The Applicant should not be under Administrative expulsion proceedings.

Certain exemptions can apply like Marriage to a Slovak citizen and married for five years or more, and so on, which can be discussed with you when you contact us. Stephen M S Lai & CO. CPA Ltd will make you aware of all the laws before you sign the contract with us.

Stephen M S Lai & CO. CPA have very reasonable rates, and this is decided on the nature of your case. The Interior Ministry should respond within 24 months (we endeavor to finish within three months). Please be aware that the Interior Ministry can call you for an interview to clarify the application’s issues if clarification is required.

You can put in the application in the district office of the area you live in. if you have never lived in Slovakia, you can apply in Bratislava, Embassy or Consulate abroad.

You should be in a position to provide the following documents:

  1. A properly filled and signed application form stating your full name, Surname at Birth, Personal Number, the reason why you want to become a Slovak citizen.
  2. Applicants’ curriculum vitae.
  3. Photographic Identity.
  4. Birth certificate (Translated) and apostilled
  5. Marital Status: if married, provide a Marriage certificate; if Widowed the provides evidence; if divorced, then provided Divorce ruling. Translated and apostilled.
  6. Residence evidence while in Slovakia.
  7. Criminal Records no longer than six months old. If from foreign countries, then should be translated and certified
  8. Bank Statement to prove you have sufficient funds to leave on without relying on the state.

Why should you hire our service?

Stephen M S Lai & CO. CPA Ltd is a professional company with a worldwide network and years of experience and qualified staff who will burn the midnight oil for you. We have 100% success rate in our work as we deal with each and every client in confidence and report back to our clients on the progress of the work at reasonable intervals.

Our Clients are our Brand Ambassadors who spread the word around with pride for us.

Our Service aim

  1. We listen to our client
  2. We provide a guaranteed solution.
  3. We sign an agreement.
  4. We perform our duties.
  5. We report to the client on progress.
  6. We deliver on time.

Our pricing structure is very reasonable, and we do look after our clients.

Comments from our clients

“I contacted Stephen Ms. Lai & CO. CPA Ltd via their online platform and got a response within the hour and was connected to a Senior Consultant, and my case was handled professionally. The pricing is good for the amount of work they do for us. I fully appreciate the work and commend them.”

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The benefits of becoming a Slovakian citizen are:

  1. It is a Democratic Country.
  2. Slovakia is a Fast-growing Economy.
  3. It is an English-speaking country.
  4. Slovakia is a Hub with the other European Countries.
  5. Free education up to University.
  6. Social benefits with Health care.
  7. Low Taxation.
  8. Visa-free travel to All EU Member states. 181 countries

Slovakia is a friendly place to live in general; people are kind and cooperative. Air is fresh and crispy. Also, note that it snows heavily between November and February, so you have to be prepared for this.

Q: What Is Slovakia Global Passport?

A: This means that the Slovakia passport is a passport recognized worldwide. This is a passport to a Golden opportunity to live and work in the EU, travel to 181 countries visa-free and expand your business, live with freedom, and have a good education for your children.

Q: What Is Slovakia Red Passport?

A: Slovakia burgundy passport (same as other EU countries) is only issued to Slovakia citizens. Slovakia Red Passport has endless opportunities for business. You have peace of mind when you have security and freedom. You have quality education for your children.

Q: Can I Get A Slovak Passport?

A: Yes, you can get a Slovakian Passport if you have a business or work in the Slovak Republic and have lived in Slovakia for eight years continuously, or if you are Married to a Slovakian National and have lived in Slovakia for five years before making your application.

Q: How Can I Get Slovak Citizenship By Descent?

A: Yes, you can get Slovak citizenship by descent if you can prove that you have ancestral ties and have family currently residing there (or become a dependent if you are under 18 years of age).

The Slovak citizenship can also be acquired by:

1. Birth
2. Adoption – one parent, should be a Slovakian citizen
3. Grant – Must have lived in Slovakia for eight years, having no criminal record, no extraditions, or European Arrest warrants.
4. Marriage – If you are married to a Slovak citizen and have lived together for more than five years.

Q: How Strong Is Slovak Passport?

A: Slovakian passport is ranked the Seventeenth in the Nationality Index. Your future in the Global market is open, and you can sell and buy without hindrance. If you are settled in Slovakia, your family is protected, and you are in a Democratic country. You have a bright future ahead.

Q: How Do I Apply For A Visa To Slovakia?

A: It depends on the type of visa required/ purpose of travel. The visa is called the Schengen Visa.

You have to do the following:

1.Go online, download the application form, fill the form to the best of your knowledge then print a Hard copy.
2. provide 2 Passport size photographs, in color, full face, and a light background 35X45mm.
3. Copy of your passport and any previous visas. Your passport must be having a validity of more than three months from the intended date of return and must have at least two blank pages.
4. Must have Travel Insurance, not below € 30,000.00, and must cover you in the Schengen area.
5. Intended or Dummy ticket from intended return dates.
6. Provide provisional Hotel booking confirmation.
7. Provide evidence of sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Slovakia

Q: How Much Is The Slovakia Visa Fee?

A: When applying for a Schengen visa, there is a Mandatory non-refundable visa fee that all applicants have to pay. Schengen Visas are valid for 90 days within a six-month period.

1: Adult: € 80
2: Children between the age of 6-12 Years: € 40
3: Children under 6 Years: Free

**The currency used in Slovakia is Euro, so if you make payment in any other currency, then the exchange rate will depend on the day payment rate.
The above fees are non-refundable.

The National Flag of Slovakia

Slovakia National Flag

“Come and Live in Slovakia and take advantage of the Global Business Opportunities.”

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