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Slovenian Passport for sale

How To Get Slovenian Passport & Visa Requirements For Slovenian Passport?

How To Apply For a Slovenian Passport?

Any person or individual, in reality, has to be a citizen first of a country. To apply for Slovenian Passport, an individual or family can apply for a Slovenian passport if the person was born in Slovenia or has grassroots in Slovenia that can be verified.

You can also apply for a Slovenian Passport as a foreigner via two options by descent or by investment.

Slovenian Passport Application

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The Individual Applicant Applying For Slovenian Passport Must Be Able To Prove:

a) Applicant must be above the age of 18.

b) Applicant must sign the form.

c) You will sign a contract for the provision of immigration service.

d) You will also issue us the power of attorney you authorize to act on your behalf.

e) The applicant has a guaranteed source of income that can cater to his and his family’s requirement without relying on the state.

f) Does not have a Criminal Record or has not been imprisoned and is not on probation.

g) A valid Passport

h) Birth Certificate

i) Proof of Address

j) Your Passport should be valid for the duration of your stay.

k) The naturalization does not pose a threat to the country by the applicant.

l) The Applicant has no Tax obligations.

m) Fingerprints will be taken for all Applicants above the age of 12 Yrs.

n) The applicant agrees to abide by the Laws of the land of The Republic of Slovenia

How Descent Law Applies:

The people of Slovenia are not well off monetarily, and hence the local Families are able to assist you in providing the documentation you need for this process. In this process, the financial input from your side will be to upkeep the ancestral tombs and their families.

You will become one of the family members of the family who will be providing you with the documentation to prove your ancestral connection with them. You will be buying a Slovenian Passport. All these documents need to be Notarized as well to prove their authenticity.

This is a nationality law that determines or is acquired by the heritage or nationality of both parents or grandparents. Citizenship can also be obtained by children who belong to the diaspora. Your parents or grandparents must be living or have lived their life in Slovenia or have a heritage that can be verified by the authorities.

Slovenian Passport by descent

You can be Naturalised within one year if your ancestry can be proven, and you do not have to renounce your other Passport. This is where our professional Lawyers will support you through this process with your cooperation, and our lawyers will assist you in the final process until you have been Naturalised.

Be advised that you will have to learn the basic national language which our lawyers will also be assisting you with (you will be put on a short course). It is mandatory for all applicants that apply for Slovenian citizenship must pass a Slovene language test.

After the citizenship has been granted, you will receive the following documentation:

1) Citizenship Certificate

2) Slovenian ID card

3) Individual Tax code

4) Passport of the Republic of Slovenia

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Slovenian Passport Visa Requirements

This process is quite standard and straightforward in all countries, and the applicant needs to follow the undermentioned accurately and pay the required fees:

  1. Complete the Slovenian Passport VISA APPLICATION FORM accurately and sign it.
  2. Must attach two recently taken photos and must have been taken within the last three months. The size must be 40mmX35mm in color with a light background.
  3. Applicant must hold a valid passport. The Passport should also have two blank pages.
  4. The passport must have validity for the period of stay.
  5. Proof of Address
  6. Health Insurance Policy of € 30,000 Minimum.
  7. Able to prove that you have enough funds in your bank account to be able to live without relying on the state.

Photo Requirements For Slovenian Passport

You must provide two identical photos while applying for the Slovenian Passport. They must be 35mm wide and 40mm in height. They should show the applicant’s full face by 70 to 80% and have a light background. Your face should be straight in the photograph. This is taken at the Embassy to buy the authorities as it has a specific regulation to be followed (size and biometric standards).

Slovenian Passport By Investment

If you have the monetary backup and can invest € 150,000.00, your application for Slovenian Passport can be fast-tracked, and you can become a citizen quickly. But be cautious. This is changing fast in as more restrictions are brought in to avoid any influx.


Regardless of where you are currently settled, our team of professional Lawyers can assist, and you can become a Slovenian resident by investing € 7,500.00 in paid-up capital in a business. You will need to draw up a professional business plan, which will, of course, be prepared by us and represented well to the committee for approval.

Once your company has been set up, you will apply for a residence permit to run the company. Many investors look into car manufacturing, metal works, power generation, Hospitality Services, and IT. You must be able to employ one Slovenian worker, you do not need to do this immediately, but you will need to do this at one point later.

Slovenian Passport by investment

You will have to be keeping proper accounting records for the business you run and are able to pay yourself a decent living wage (App € 1500.00/ Month) starting you should not be having any problems renewing your residence permit after the initial first year and every few years following after that.

You will need to pay all the Taxes (Corporation) and Contributions as required by the Law and also not to forget the income tax on your salary. The Taxing system is quite generous in Slovenia. This process will take up to 10 Years, including continuous residency for 5 Years. Then you can apply for a Slovenian Passport. This process is called naturalization, and you buy Law will renounce your original citizenship.

The 2nd option is called “person of means.” This allows you to bypass company registration and other cumbersome processes. You have to prove that you have funds enough to take you through life easily (meaning that you have a significant amount of monies in the bank)

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Benefits And Advantages

Remember that Slovenia is part of the European Union. And benefits and advantages of Slovenian Passport are very lucrative and see below some of the examples;

  1. Work and Live anywhere in the European Union
  2. Business in any country in Europe.
  3. Access to European Union Banking facilities
  4. Visa-free entry to 180 countries
  5. Studying anywhere in Europe.
  6. Dual Citizenship (But if you get the Slovenian Passport by Naturalization, you have to renounce your other Passport).
  7. Health Care Benefits
  8. Subsidized College and University fees.
  9. Buy property in any European Union Country.
  10. To vote in Parliamentary and Presidential elections and referendums.
  11. Consular Assistance in any other country if required.
  12. You can Travel Visa-free to United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Slovenian Passport for Europe is your Golden Ticket to prosperity.

Slovenian Passport Benefits

Terms And Costs

  1. We offer a free initial assessment of your eligibility (free of cost to you).
  2. We can only quote after assessment as each case has its process and procedures, i.e., how many people, etc.
  3. If you are confirmed eligible, we can then provide you with a no-obligation quotation.
  4. You can also request to speak to one of our consultants once you have decided and would like more information.
  5. Once you agree, we will provide you with all the information and guidance, including a lawyer who will communicate with you at all times required and support you through the application till you are successful.
  6. Our pledge to you is if we fail to get you the citizenship, we will Refund all the costs to you by 100% without any deductions.
  7. But kindly note that you cannot withdraw for reasons best known to yourself after the process has started.
  8. Some people come to us after losing money to other companies who offer no guarantees.

Remember, we offer Guaranteed Citizenship; we confidently say this as our professional consultants and lawyers are familiar with the nationality laws of Slovenia. We hence can afford to give you and your family the highest assurances of success.

Customer Feedback

Can I ask questions?

Yes, you can ask us questions, and we will respond to you.

Is This Legal?

This is 100% legal. We do not deal with or advise otherwise. We will never work being non-compliant with the Law; we always ensure that the Law is followed and all tasks we undertake flow seamlessly. Beware, some companies do not follow the procedure which can cause stress, and you will lose your money.

How long does this process take?

It depends on your financial ability. As stated above, there are different ways to shorten the process if you have a significant amount of money in your bank account where the proceeds can be verified. The standard process for Slovenian citizenship is approximately 8-9 months.

Can I get a Slovenian passport?

Yes, you can apply for a Slovenian passport if you have all the documentation and follow our professional advice. Remember that the Law stipulates that you will have to have lived in Slovenia for continuous 10 Years to be eligible. You also must have sufficient funds that are in your Bank account that you can account for it. Also, a good investment opens the options for easy settlement. 

How strong is a Slovenian Passport?

The Slovenia Passport is a European Union country Passport and is as strong as any other European Union country. The Slovenian Passport is the 12th Strongest Passport in the World as per statistics and a Biometric passport. You have the freedom to work and live with the benefits of traveling Visa-free in Europe and a good education for your children with medical support. 

Do I need Visa to Slovenia? 

Yes, it is necessary to have a Schengen Visa if you do not hold a European Union passport. Some people with different citizenship can also get E-visas or visas at the entry (point of arrival). Please log onto the following website for Visa-free entry to Slovenia

Which country is allowed a free Visa for Slovenian Passport?

Once you have a Slovenian passport, you have the freedom to travel to 180 countries within the European Union, for example, to AustriaBelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandItaly, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, MaltaNetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSweden, and Switzerland

You will need no additional Visa’s to either work or to settle in the above countries. The ID Card for Slovenia also permits Visa-free travel to Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. 

Our team of consultants and lawyers will provide you with more information on obtaining Slovenian citizenship as a foreigner and obtaining a Slovenian passport following the correct settlement law. There are also other legal means for settlement; for more information, you need to contact us.

In a nutshell, Slovenia is a very Cosmopolitan country with people from different walks of life. Natural beauty cannot be compared with

Lastly, the applicant will have to travel to where the application was made to collect their Passport and documentation. 

You will be notified when you and all others that applied with you will travel to Ljubljana, where you will be meeting our legal team, and you will be taking a short course on the national language. And after that, you will have a quick interview and a ceremony (Oath Taking) and hand in your documentation to the immigration department. 

You will be advised when you will collect your Passport and ID for the people who applied with you.

You and your family will then be free to enjoy and reap the benefits and advantages of a life with affluence.

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